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LudoSport is a fascinating combat sport that has gained popularity in recent years all over the world. This unique sport combines elements of martial arts and fencing with the use of lightsabers, the iconic and legendary laser weapon from the famous film saga.

LudoSport was created in Italy in 2006 and since then, the sport has expanded to different countries, attracting participants of all ages and skill levels.

This combat sport has a set of rules and modalities designed to ensure the safety of participants and encourage fair competition. The rules are based on principles of sports combat, placing emphasis on technique, strategy and mutual respect between competitors.

There are 2 different rankings within LudoSport that allow participants to explore various ways of competing:

  1. Style ranking: In this modality, precision, speed and technique used during combat are valued.
  2. War Ranking: Participants must use their skills to hit their opponent and accumulate points.

In addition to the excitement and entertainment it offers, LudoSport provides several physical and mental benefits. Practicing this sport improves physical condition, coordination, balance and concentration. In addition, it promotes values ​​such as teamwork, discipline and self-control.

The LudoSport community is known for its passion and camaraderie. The community also organizes activities, tournaments and international events.

In short, LudoSport is an exciting lightsaber combat sport that combines elements of martial arts, fencing and physical exercise.


LudoSport has already expanded to more than 20 countries, creating an incredible community and spreading this sporting practice throughout the world.
Combat styles.
7 combat styles, each very different from the rest, allowing each student to develop their own combat style.
Available weapons
Choose the weapon you want to fight with. You have at your disposal the lightsaber, the two daggers or the double staff.
Every day more students join this sporting discipline. We do not stop growing, making there are more and more academies and tournaments spread all over the globe.


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José Campos
CEO & Marketing Director
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Carlos Jiménez
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Celia Alonso
Administration Manager
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Esther Lancha
Internal management of academies